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Considerations When Purchasing An Outdoor Backpack

  • Measurements - You would never buy a pair of hiking boots that were the wrong size, right? The same goes for your outdoor backpacks.  In order for you to carry the weight properly, a pack must fit properly.  So before you go purchase an outdoor backpack make sure that you measure yourself first.  The measurements that you are your torso length. Use a soft seamstress tape and have someone measure from the base of your neck, this is also the most prominent bone at the base of your neck straight down your spine until it is level with your hip bone.  Most adult packs have a fit range of 18 to 20 inches, while youth packs are more adjustable and fit torso lengths between 14 and 19 inches.
  • Internal vs. External - There are two types of outdoor backpacks: External frames have a metal framework on the outside and then internal-frame packs that have their support structure hidden within the pack like a skeleton.  Our best external frame backpacks provide better ventilation in warm climates and are best for carrying heavy loads on smooth trails.  Our Internal frame packs are more form-fitting.  They bring the load closer to your body, they are more comfortable and stable.  They also help so that the load doesn’t shift and are typically easier to carry off trail.
  • Capacity - The amount of gear that a backpack can hold is measured in either liters or cubic inches.  One that is a larger capacity is not always better.  Also be careful not to overfill your pack and carry too much weight.  Once your outdoor backpack is fully packed you should keep the weight within 25 to 30 percent of your body weight.  A good rule of thumb for those not yet full grown yet is to purchase a pack with a capacity of 50 to 65 liters.
  • Features - Having backpack shoulder straps and hip belt are among the most important considerations, but there are a few other features that can really come in handy and that you will appreciate later.  There are some outdoor backpacks that have built-in pockets for hydration reservoirs; others have a removable top that can be carried as a fanny pack for day hikes.  Most important is to make sure the outdoor backpack that you purchase has enough exterior pockets to handle your on-trail needs.  Last, but not least look for compression straps that help keep your load in place when your outdoor backpack isn’t totally filled up.

So remember to keep in mind the kind of hiking or use that your outdoor backpack will be getting and if you need help finding the right one for you just drop us a line and we will be happy to assist you.

The Difference Between External And Internal

The best external frame backpack benefits:

The external frame backpacks are the best load warriors.  These backpacks are designed to carry large loads for long distances over relatively well established trails without a lot of low overhanging branches or narrow passages.

So here are a few of the benefits of the best external frame backpacks

  • Proper loading is accomplished more easily while also carrying awkward, unbalanced loads.
  • More weight can be carried comfortably while allowing the person wearing the external frame backpack to walk in the best upright position.
  • The external frame backpack allows for the best increase of ventilation, thereby allowing you to remain cooler.

The best internal frame backpack benefits:

An internal frame pack is ideally suited for trips where balance is critical or for people who carry loads while doing activities that require independent arm movement (skiing, climbing, hiking on rough trails, etc.).  So here are a few of the benefits of the best internal frame backpacks


  • Flexible suspension that can be formed to follow the contours of your spine.
  • Load rides close to the back and brings the packs center of gravity closer to the person’s center of gravity that is wearing the internal frame backpack, creating a balanced and stable load during higher speed activities.

Consider what frame, whether internal or external backpack will best fit your needs.  In most cases several people purchase both an external and an internal frame backpack due to the various activities that they perform and what will work best at the time.

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